Ad Agency Shows Off Bloody Showers And Men Getting Stuffed Down Toilets With New Google Street View Feature

Ideas by Music Google Street ViewThat’s one weird office tour.

While some companies are using Google Business Photos’ new feature (which allows people to pay to show office interiors on Google Street View) to boast open seating areas, cool bike racks, and office bars, some smart alecky ad agencies are taking it to the extreme.

If you choose to take an office tour of Manchester-based creative agency Ideas By Music, for example, you’ll find a bloody shower, red drag marks in the hall, and then a man being pushed, head-first, down the toilet.

Although the shop’s photos are clearly staged, it is creepily reminiscent of the speculated Dutch murder that was captured by Google Maps this month — showing a bloody body being dragged across a dock and into the water.

Ideas By Music isn’t the only shop that’s playing with the feature. Adviso, which is based in Montreal, took a lighter approach to Google Business Photos by introducing the world to a guy in a hot dog costume we’re assuming regularly walks a wiener dog around the office.

Agencies are always looking for new ways to creatively interact with new online social platforms, so we all should have seen this one coming.

The Google Business Photos office tour of Manchester-based Ideas By Music begins boringly enough.

You can click through to see the reception area.

And the obligatory ad agency hanging bike rack.

People are in meetings, there's art on the glass doors .. everything is as expected.

Until you get bored, click to go in the hallway, and then see a Shining-esque red tricycle by what looks like bloody drag marks.

When you click past the drag marks to find out what happened, you're greeted by the back of a creepy little girl in a red jacket staring at the lockers.

Need to go to the bathroom to collect your thoughts? Don't let the bloody shower distract you! (At least there's Febreze if it's getting smelly).

And then, the pièce de résistance, a body getting eaten by a toilet. Thanks for that, Ideas By Music.

Of course other ad agencies are getting in on the game, too. Unless Montreal-based Adviso regularly has a man in a pug shirt and a horse head behind the reception desk.

Or guys in hot dog costumes walking wiener dogs around the office.

Or Angry Birds sitting in on strategy meetings.

Gosh, this horse guy is everywhere!

That's who's rocking Google Business Photos ...

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