People are raging after a man wrote 'LOL' on a restaurant check instead of tipping

It used to be that when servers got stiffed by cranky customers, they had no one to commiserate with but their coworkers.

But now, waiters and waitresses can find solace in the entire internet if they post their disappointing checks online.

Jessica Corinne of Belmar, NJ, is one such server.

The waitress at D’Jais Bar & Grill on the Jersey Shore posted a photo on Facebook of a $US112.03 check she’d given to a customer. In the space for a tip, the diner apparently wrote, “LOL.” Next to that: “1 hour for food.”

Now, her photo of it’s going viral.

Over 6,800 people have shared her photo and 72 have commented, and the story is getting picked up by news outlets like, the Asbury Park Press, and its parent publication USA Today.

Here’s the post:

The receipt was for a party of eight people, she writes, and she made sure to keep their drinks full and notify them that the kitchen “was a bit busier than normal,” which caused the long wait time.

Corinne has been in the service industry for five years and notes that waitstaff can make as little as $US2.50 an hour.

“Most of my paychecks are less than pocket change because I have to pay taxes on the tips I make,” she writes. “I need tips to pay my bills. All waiters do.”

She continues that her experience with the table was “cruel and unnecessary but sadly it’s not uncommon.”

The post has garnered over 70 comments and counting, with most commenters writing to offer Corinne support.

“That is terrible,” one user writes, “it’s not your fault the food took an hour … my guess is, they weren’t going to be big tippers even if they didnt wait an hour.”

“People like that have no respect for the tourism industry and they never will,” another woman wrote. “I hope they burn on the beach.”

This isn’t the first time a small-town restaurant has gone viral for matters of etiquette. Earlier this summer, a restaurant owner in Maine became famous when she allegedly yelled at a diner’s unruly child — then doubled down on Facebook and said she didn’t regret her outburst.

Also, last September, Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCoy became infamous for leaving a 20-cent tip on a $US61 meal and proclaiming that he’d do it again. Whoever signed the “LOL” bill at D’Jais must be thankful that Corinne left their name off the bill. 

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