A guy Skyped his parents while jumping out of a plane

A video produced by the hostel-booking site Hostelworld shows two parents getting quite the surprise from their son Roger while he was vacationing in Australia.

Roger was one of six people travelling in Sydney to Skype his parents while jumping out of a plane for a marketing stunt. His parents first thought he was calling them from a bus, and were petrified to realise he was falling towards earth for 14,000 feet.

A standalone video of Roger’s jump has garnered over 700,000 views on YouTube in two days. While some have questioned whether the video is real, a spokesperson from Bounce Hostel Sydney — where the people in the video were guests — told INSIDER that the calls were legit.

“A representative from Hostelworld came to our hostel and interviewed a large number of guests before picking the chosen few to participate in the video,” he said. “The Skype calls were live and in real time.”

Story by Tony Manfred and editing by Stephen Parkhurst