Watch A Man Run Over An Active Lava Flow [VIDEO]

The video above of a man running across a molten lava flow was taken by Marc Szeglat after some recent activity at Mt. Etna, an active volcano in Sicily, Italy.

It’s not clear why the daredevil was tempted to run over the lava flow in the first place, but he got very lucky. The man could have easily slipped and burnt himself on the hot surface of the lava. You can see at the last step how his shoe catches on fire just the slightest bit, when he stepped where the crust was less thick.

Erik Klemetti of Wired’s Eruptions blog notes the danger:

So, running up a lava flow is possible without much in the way of dire consequences if you (a) pick the right lava flow — cool and slow; (b) you step lively and (c) get lucky. This hobby is up there with base jumping from tall buildings and surfing a volcano in terms of smart ways to spend your time, but really, lava flows are some of the least dangerous (to people) of the hazards from a volcano.

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