Man Looks On EBay For A Date To Take On His Honeymoon After Being Dumped By His Fiancé

John Whitbred didn’t have a great Christmas holiday after his girlfriend announced she no longer wanted to get married.

All of the plans were set in place, however, including the honeymoon. So Whitbred, 32, decided to think fast and do something a little unconventional.

He auctioned off the trip to the Dominican Republic on eBay.

The catch? The buyer would have to go with Whitbred.

The Telegraph reports the Leicestershire man (who describes himself as “slim, 5’9in tall, with dark hair who enjoys a good laugh”)
 is “looking for a female of any age with a good sense of humour to join him on the two-week break.”

Whitbred’s best friend, Craig Gibson, helped set up an eBay auction to find someone to travel with him.

They also created the hashtag “#girlfromthepublictodominicanrepublic” to help spread the word. 

After just a few days online, the bidding had already reached £1,800.

Read more about it on The Telegraph.

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