'Man Of Steel' Soundtrack Preview Hits The Web

man of steel deluxe album

“Man of Steel” may not hit theatres until next month, but you can get a sampling of the film’s soundtrack.

Warner Bros. has released 60 second clips from the limited deluxe edition of the Superman album out in stores June 11.

For fans missing the Caped Crusader from last year, the album comes from Hans Zimmer (who worked on “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” soundtracks), so a lot of the tracks sound familiar. 

Listen to the 60 second clips here

“Man of Steel” flies to theatres June 14.

Take a look at the complete set list below. If you’re not big on spoilers, the tracks hint at what’s to come in the film.

Look to the Stars
Oil Rig
Sent Here For A Reason
DNA (For some reason, this is unavailable to preview) 
Goodbye My Son 
If You Love These People 
Krypton’s Last 
You Die Or I Do 
I Will Find Him
This Is Clark Kent 
I Have So Many Questions 
What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?
Are You Listening, Clark?
General Zod 
You Led Us Here
This Is Madness (This is a great track name.)

It sounds like a solid album. 

Here are our picks:

Oil Rig
Sent Here For a Reason (this is one of the songs heard in the trailers)
If You Love These People
Terraforming has a great buildup

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