Take A Tour Inside The Filming Locations Of Superman Reboot, 'Man Of Steel'

supermanSuperman’s hometown of Smallville, Kansas gets a new home in ‘Man of Steel.’

When Zack Snyder set out to make “Man of Steel” he wanted to make it as realistic as possible.

To accomplish that, Snyder set out to use practical locations for filming and also used a handheld camera to deliver a “gritty, embedded journalistic documentary style.”

While a lot of the film takes place in Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville, Kansas; however, no filming occurred in America’s heartland.

Rather, most of the production took place in Illinois.

If you haven’t seen the film, there are some mini spoilers.

Early film sequences were filmed on Vancouver Island.

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) works on a real crab boat, the Debbie Sue.

You can see the boat in the background of the film when Lois Lane (Amy Adams) goes on the hunt for Clark Kent.

To film the tornado scene, the crew needed to reroute traffic on Rt. 56 in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

Supervising location manager Bill Doyle says they picked that spot because it had cornfields and an overpass in the same place.

The bus scene where a young Clark saves his schoolmates took place in Illinois, too.

It was filmed on the Serena Bridge on route 52.

(Source: Google maps)

When Superman first gets his costume, the crew headed to British Columbia.

Superman's hometown of Smallville was not filmed in Kansas, but the small town of Plano, Illinois.

While the Clark home was built 20 minutes outside of town ...

... the crew shut down the town to film many of the movie's explosions filled with flying debris.

Real military aircrafts were use for low-lying flight sequences.

Producer Deborah Snyder said the crew worked with local police, fire departments, and townspeople who worked security.

A Sears, 7-Eleven, and an IHOP were added into gaps between buildings.*

*Production notes refer to them as 'instantly identifiable symbols of true Americana.' All three served as promotional partners for the film.

Here's a list of some of the 100 marketing tie-ins in place with the film.

(Source: 'Man of Steel' production notes)

Here's what some of the destruction looked like on set.

For the big city, the crew turned its attention to Chicago.

The old Sears Tower — now known as The Willis Tower — served as the newspaper offices for The Daily Planet.

The crew rented out an entire floor to transform into Clark Kent's future place of employment.

The Department of defence gave production access to junked aircraft pieces to use as debris ...

... helicopters, piloted fighter jets, and a C17 cargo plane ...

... along with technical advisors and nearly 300 soldiers as extras.

Military scenes were filmed in the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base.

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