A Ukrainian Man Turned His Mitsubishi Into A Lamborghini Reventon

lamborghini reventon alexander stupkin mitsubishi

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Earlier this month, we featured a Lamborghini Reventon a Chinese man built with $9,500 worth of scrap parts.While that was impressive, another faux Reventon not only looks much closer to the real thing, it was made for much less.

Ukrainian jeweler Alexander Stupkin spent $1,600 to give his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse a major makeover, The Sun reported.

Over 18 months, he modified the car inside and out, adding everything from scissor doors to the charging bull logo on the steering wheel and headrests (though not on the hood).

There are only 21 Reventons in the world, and each costs around $1.6 million, so it is understandable that more than one car enthusiast has decided to take the do-it-yourself approach.

Stupkin’s new ride may look like the real thing, but it is still a Mitsubishi under the hood. Its 2.4-liter engine provides an underwhelming 147 bhp and a top speed of 130 mph.

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