The Hunt For A Shark Which Killed A Teenage Boy Near Albany, Western Australia

Authorities are now trying to catch a shark which attacked and killed a teenage boy at Cheynes Beach, 70 kms east of Albany, Western Australia.

The 17-year-old was believed to have been spearfishing with a friend when they were attacked. His friend was unharmed.

Western Australia police say officers from Albany headed to the site after a member of the public told them about 12.20 pm (3.20 pm AEDT) today that they’d found a body in the water.

Cheynes Beach, a very popular summer camping and swimming area, has been officially closed.

The state Department of Fisheries has deployed drum lines to try to catch the shark which it says is most likely a white shark.

The ABC reports that the shark may have been injured when a spear was fired at it during the attack.

Swimming classes are held about 250 metres from where the attack happened.

The attack comes in the wake of the Western Australian government’s controversial catch and kill policy for sharks, which was abandoned this summer after the Environmental Protection Authority recommended an end to drum line baiting along WA’s coastline for the next three seasons.

The baiting caught 172 sharks last summer, 50 over the three-metre target size. The program targeted popular beaches and Cheynes Beach was not part of it.

And Fisheries officers were attempting to catch a tagged great white shark off Warnbro Beach, in Perth’s south, just before Christmas.

The shark had been in the vicinity for a fortnight and a catch and kill order was issued against it.

Another man was bitten near Esperance in October.

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