Man Kidnaps Barclays Banker’s Dog And Hides Him In A Frozen Pond


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A neighbour saved a dog from a frozen pond this weekend after a man allegedly kidnapped the dog in order to blackmail his owner, a Barclays banker who had refused him a loan.The timeline of strange events appears to have started like this, according to the story in the Daily Mail

  1. 29-year old male Gabriel Radzikowski lived above 48-year old Sara Lilly at Beckford Road, Bath, in the UK.
  2. Lilly offered Radzikowski £100 to spend the night with her, Radzikowski claims. (She says this is “absolutely not true.”)
  3. Lilly refused Radzikowski a loan
  4. Radzikowski could not afford rent, so he moved out
  5. Lilly woke up at 8 am on December 2 and could not find her dog, Bilbo Baggins
  6. Lilly received a threatening call saying that the dog would be returned if she would pay a reward.
  7. Lilly recognised Radzikowski’s voice and challenged him. He hung up, insisting she was incorrect.
  8. She received more calls demanding £500 or she would never see the dog again.
  9. A neighbour, Patricia Bently, heard whimpering coming from a nearby pond
  10. Bently found Bilbo “bobbing in a hole” in the freezing water
  11. She rescued the dog and called the number on his collar, Lilly’s

According to the Daily Mail, the jury took two hours to find him guilty of blackmail and intimidation and he will be sentenced next month. Weirdly, this isn’t the first time a banker’s dog has been kidnapped for strange reasons >