Hedge Fund Bigwig Is Suing His Poker Player Ex-Wife For 35 per cent Of Her Shoe Collection

Embittered exes usually go after each other’s bank accounts, homes, or cars.

But hedge fund manager Daniel Shak, of SHK Management, is suing ex-wife Beth Shak for rights to her 1,200-pair shoe collection.

Daniel Shak claims Beth Shak, of World Series of Poker fame, hid her $1 million collection from him and the value of that secret shoe closet might entitle him to thousands of dollars more in the pair’s divorce settlement, the New York Post reported Saturday.

In addition to her poker-playing prowess, Beth Shak is known as one of the world’s top shoe enthusiasts and has an image of a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed “on a private area of her body,” according to the Post.

She loves her shoes so much she was included in a documentary called “God Save My Shoes.”

But Beth Shak is saying her ex-husband would have to be pretty clueless to miss her giant shoe collection.

“How could I possibly hide these things? It would be ludicrous, it would be insane,” Beth Shak told Good Morning America. “I had a beautiful closet where these things were displayed.”

Daniel Shak told ABC News he was offended that she told other media outlets he was unaware of his closet.

But Daniel Shak might have a case, according to ABC News legal analyst Dana Cole.

“Technically, under the law, both sides are required to disclose their respective assets in order to settle the divorce,” Cole told GMA. “Now clothing typically is not considered an asset. When you have 1,200 pairs of expensive shoes, that may be more debatable.”

Watch as Beth Shak takes Good Morning America on a tour of her controversial closet:

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