Man Finds Out Who Shot His Brother From Article About 'Shirtless' FBI Agent

Frederick Humphries

Photo: AP

John Bullock never knew who shot his 61-year-old brother Ronnie at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., in 2010.

Today he learned—through an Associated Press story—that it was Fredrick Humphries II, the FBI agent who started the investigation that eventually brought down David Petraeus, M.L. Nestel of The Daily reports.

From AP:

On May 19, 2010, 61-year-old Army veteran Ronald J. Bullock, who was camping at the base, got into an altercation with base security.

Officials said Bullock sped off on a motorcycle, but was stopped by other security officers and Humphries as he tried to exit a gate. They said he got off the motorcycle and came at Humphries and the officers while brandishing a knife. Humphries fired, killing Bullock. The shooting was later ruled justified.

Initially the FBI told the Bullock family to file a FOIA request to receive information about the attack, but the family decided against it. Now Bullock wants to know why Humphries had to fatally shoot his brother.

“I was a military policeman,” Bullock told The Daily. “They had guns and he had a knife. You’d think with some of the training the MPs had they could have disarmed him some way. The FBI agent shouldn’t have shot him in the heart.”

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