A tourist stumbled upon his exact phone background photo in Italy

Langkofel, Dolomites, ItalyiStock/ fisfraLangkofel in the Dolomites.

Travelling is an adventure: you never know what you’ll discover.

For one man, it was his screensaver.

After having it for 2 years, I accidentally FOUND my phone background the other day near santa cristina, italy!

According to Reddit, the man was travelling to Santa Cristina, Italy, when he decided to take a ski lift up a mountain for a little walk. Suddenly, he came face to face with an oddly familiar sight: the very stock image background he had been using on his phone for the last two years.

Of course, he had to snap a meta memento — a picture of his screensaver in front of the original, which he now knows is Langkofel in the Dolomites.

He found the exact spot from which the photo must’ve been shot, and even managed to get some of the same purple flowers in the frame.

Life can really be stranger than fiction.

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