A Kentucky Man Found A 2.95-Carat Diamond In An Arkansas State Park

Patriot Diamond Found in ArkansasA close-up of the diamond.

Terry Staggs of Kentucky was visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas on July 4th when he saw something in the dirt sparkle in the sunlight.

It turned out to be a 2.95-carat, champagne-coloured diamond, according to United Press International. Mr. Staggs has named it the Patriot Diamond in honour of the day it was found.

The Crater of Diamonds is a 911-acre state park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas that contains a 37.5 acre plowed field in which visitors can literally dig for diamonds. It’s the world’s only diamond-bearing site that’s accessible to the public.

The world’s most perfect diamond (the 3.03-carat D-flawless Strawn-Wagner Diamond) was found there in 1990, and the largest diamond ever discovered in North America (the 40.23-carat Uncle Sam) was found there in 1924. Other gems and minerals that can be found at the Crater include quartz, amethyst, garnet, jasper, and peridot. 

Dozens of tiny diamonds are found in the field annually, but the Patriot Diamond is

by far the largest stone to be found so far this year. Mr. Staggs, originally of Richmond, Kentucky, had been wandering the park for about 2 and 1/2 hours before he spotted the diamond in the field. He said he’s visited the park and its diamond field several times a year for about 28 years. 

Terry Staggs Holding His Patriot Diamond In ArkansasTerry Staggs holding his ‘Patriot Diamond’ in the field in which it was found.
Staggs Holding His Patriot DiamondStaggs holding his diamond and his certificate from the state park.

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