This Guy Was So Mad About A Missing Taco He Rammed His Truck Into Taco Bell

Michael SmithTaco Bell employees spent Monday night cleaning up

Photo: WDTN screenshot

An Ohio man took his truck and rammed it straight into a Taco Bell.Now, what would possess a person to do that?

It was an act of vengeance over a single missing soft taco.

One employee described the incident at the drive-thru to WDTN2:

“He was already peeling his tires…came through, got his food. [But] we forgot a taco. We realised we forgot it,” said Kristen Winans.

She says in minutes [the man] came back for his $.99 taco and gave workers a verbal lashing. “He was very sarcastic and rude.” She says she was apologetic and tried to fix the order: “We’re sorry, pull forward. We’ll get that to you. He peeled all the way through the drive-thru to our window and snatched his taco.” said Winans.

He narrowly missed a bunch of cars as he sped away, according to a WDTN2 reporter at the scene. But not before he drove into the restaurant and “busted a window” — shattering glass from the front entrance all over the place. 

Michael SmithThe suspect

Photo: WDTN screenshot

Police officer Sgt. Chris Kash said the Huber Heights Taco Bell location was newly established just 6 months ago and the damage wreaked by the irate customer is considered vandalism. 

Officers were able to track down the man — now identified as Michael Smith, 23, according to jail records — from a trail of car fluids left in the street. He appeared at the Montgomery County Jail on vandalism charges.

The staff at Taco Bell don’t seem too fazed. The store’s general manager Steven Mizer told ABC 22 News, “In this business pretty much anything happens. We were just making sure the area was safe for the customers.”

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