UPDATE: Man Confesses To Strangling Boy Who Disappeared in 1979

etan patz disappearance

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Update: Pedro Hernandez, the man police arrested late Wednesday in connection with Etan Patz’s disappearance has confessed to killing the boy, The New York Times’ William Rashbaum and Joseph Goldstein are reporting.Hernandez told police he strangled the then-six-year-old boy as he walked to school, wrapped the body in a bag, and put it in a box, according to The Times.

He told investigators he left the body at an undisclosed spot in Manhattan but when he checked on it days later the box was gone, The Times reported.

Patz was killed while walking to school. It was the first day his parents let him walk to the bus stop alone, according to The Times.

Original story: A New Jersey man who was once considered a suspect in the 1979 disappearance of Etan Patz has finally confessed to having a role in the case.

Pedro Hernandez was taken into custody late Wednesday in Camden, N.J. after implicating himself in Patz’s disappearance 33 years ago, The New York Times’ William Rashbaum and J. David Goodman reported early this morning.

The then-6-year-old Patz disappeared in SoHo while walking to school alone. Officials believe he was murdered.

Hernandez’s statements came a few weeks after an apparent break in the case when detectives searched a SoHo basement for human remains. The building, which housed a workshop as well as the basement, was along the route Patz took to school.

However, police found “no obvious human remains,” during the search, The Times reported.

In the past police have focused on Jose A. Ramos, a convicted child molester on the Lower East Side, as the prime suspect. Ramos knew a woman who used to babysit Patz.

However, Ramos, who is imprisoned for molesting a boy in Pennsylvania, has denied involvement in Patz’s disappearance.

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