Social Media Experiment In Public Shows Anyone Can Be Like The NSA

The NSA’s global spying apparatus is all the rage nowadays … or rather,

Aside from the standing accused of violating the sovereignty of countless nations (and aside from the fact that those nations also spy), the focus of the most outrage seems to be domestic surveillance over American citizens.

Though, with all we share on social media, is it really that hard to build a profile of someone?

Jack Vale has a popular YouTube Channel, and he knows it really isn’t that hard for anyone with an Internet connection to profile pretty much any person in the world via social media.

Using location services (sound familiar), Vale finds people posting to social media around his general location.

He then walks up to those people, perfect strangers mind you, and proceeds to inform them about themselves.

It really is a bit mind blowing and fun to watch.

One person even threatens to call the cops on Vale for “invading his privacy.”

Simply hilarious.

Let’s be honest: most of us just go right ahead an enable location services on our apps, and we go right ahead and ignore privacy updates to those apps, since, you know, it’s more convenient.

Vale proves that when you say something in public (or post something in the public Internet), to expect any amount privacy is truly absurd.


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