Man Claims A Scientology-Affiliated Clinic Drove Him To Attempt Suicide

pur detox rehab facilityPur Detox facility

Photo: Pur Detox

Scientology’s opposition to psychotic drugs allegedly made a man staying at a church-affiliated detox clinic suicidal after he was too quickly taken off his psychiatric medication.William Sweeney is suing Pur Detox, a Scientology-affiliated detox clinic, claiming the clinic’s “purification rundown” took him off his medication too quickly and didn’t give his body time to adjust, Courthouse News Service reported Tuesday.

Sweeney, who was at the centre for drug and alcohol problems, claimed he suffered multiple fractures when he tried to jump off a third-floor balcony while suffering from withdrawal.

He also claims in his suit his doctor did not monitor him and only visited him once, during which time he never asked if Sweeney was suffering from withdrawal, according to CNS.

This isn’t the first time the church has been dragged into court.

Scientology has a long history of lawsuits, including one earlier this year when a former church official claimed she suffered extensive abuse at the hands of the church, ABC News reported at the time.

The Church of Scientology is not named in Sweeney’s lawsuit.

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