Man Claims NYPD Employee Took His Benz For A Joyride And Ran A Red Light While He Was In Jail

mercedes benz convertible

Photo: FotoSleuth/Flickr

A Queens man got the surprise of his life when he got a $50 red light camera ticket in the mail.The only catch? He claims he was in jail at the time the ticket was issued.

Rashad Lewis, 25, told the New York Post his car had been impounded after he was pulled over on Aug. 3 for running two red lights. During the traffic search, police reportedly found 13 fake credit cards and arrested Lewis on charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Lewis says he then sat in jail until the next week.

“While everything is going on, I received the red-light ticket in the mail on Aug. 15,” he told the Post. “My first reaction was, ‘Are you guys serious?’ I had a whole bunch of emotions running through my mind. I felt violated. I don’t know if they could have committed a crime in my vehicle.”

The Post examined NYPD records and found that a red light camera at 12th Avenue and West 34th Street caught a picture of Lewis’ Mercedes running the light at 2:12 p.m. on Aug.5, while Lewis was still in jail.

The camera didn’t show a picture of the driver’s face and as NYPD refused to comment to the Post, it’s unknown whether the driver was an officer or a civilian NYPD employee.

And Lewis wants the department to pay up.

“This individual should not be responsible for the payment of the fine, and the Police Department employee driving his car through a red light in a non-emergency situation should be required to pay the summons,” his attorney Marvyn Komberg told the Post.

Now, Lewis said he’s scared to drive his car.

“I don’t know if they put a bug or something in it,” he told the Post.

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