A Brooklyn Man Is Suing His Ex-Wife, Claiming She Hid A Multi-Million Dollar Stake In Twitter From Him

A Brooklyn man is suing his ex-wife, claiming she hid a lucrative early round investment in Twitter from him, according to the New York Post.

Stuart Strumwasser says his ex-wife Jennifer Johnson made a $US10,000-$50,000 early stage investment in Twitter without telling him.

Johnson was previously married to Greg Kidd, a friend of Jack Dorsey, and an early stage Twitter investor. The Post, citing court papers, says Johnson met with Kidd in San Francisco years ago and made the Twitter investment without telling Strumwasser.

That investment could be worth $US10-$50 million now, says the Post.

Strumwasser says he figured out his ex was a Twitter investor after looking at her LinkedIn page, where Johnson calls herself a “first round investor” in Twitter.

Strumwasser is upset because he’s been paying child support to Johnson, even though she’s sitting on millions in Twitter stock. He’s suing to get his child support money back, and some of the stock.

Johnson, for her part, said to the Post that Strumwasser is “out of his mind,” and his allegations are “utterly ridiculous.”

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