Man Chronicles Gruelling 4 Hours On The Phone Trying To Cancel His Comcast Account

A man spent four hours on the phone with Comcast in a series of calls made to cancel his account, John Biggs of TechCrunch reports.

The customer posted a 38-minute excerpt of his conversations with various customer-service assistants on YouTube under the user name Gern Branston

The clip documents the man’s painful attempts to sort out his situation with the the US-based company, which provides telephone, internet, and phone services.

You can listen below:

TechCrunch pointed us toward a Reddit post in which the customer explains his frustrating attempt to cancel a media bundle package after taking up a new offer with the rival provider AT&T. The complications first started when he was met with a Comcast retention specialist, whose job is to keep him on. A new “too good to be true” deal was put on the table.

He writes:

Basically, I called to cancel my service after already making preliminary arrangements for an install with ATT. A Comcast retention specialist then offered me what I thought was a deal too good to be true

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