Man says he got drunk in Ibiza, accidentally bought a $50,000 bus

Drunk guy buys bus
Davie Little made a very unfortunate drunk purchase. Facebook/Davie Little

We’ve all done less-than-intelligent things while under the influence of alcohol. But one British man just made a drunk decision that will go down in history, the Sun reports

After a night of clubbing on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Davie Little pulled his phone from his pocket only to find that he’d agreed to purchase a coach bus on eBay for £28,500 — or $50,000 at today’s conversion rates.

The next day, August 24, Little posted a screenshot of the purchase confirmation on Facebook.

“Still can’t believe what I did last night in Ibiza,” the post began. “When I left the night club I took my phone out of my pocket and realised I had bought a £30,000 grand bus […] I actually can’t believe this is happening.”

He concluded by asking: “Anybody want to buy a bus off me????”

 After news outlets got a hold of the story, Little posted another update on Facebook, asserting that the accidental purchase was “100% genuine.” He also revealed that he hasn’t actually paid for the bus — the charge is currently “under dispute.”

 Moral of the story: Don’t drink and browse eBay. 

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