A man is using signs on his door to ask delivery drivers whether they think Carole Baskin from ‘Tiger King’ fed her husband to the cats

Carole Baskin. Netflix

After binge-watching “Tiger King,” it’s only natural to want to ask everyone you know whether they think Carole Baskin really murdered her husband and fed him to lions and tigers.

Now, clothing company founder Tim Scott has developed a contactless way to ask your delivery drivers what they believe.

Since the Netflix show aired, a conspiracy theory has spread like wildfire suggesting Basin killed her husband, Don Lewis, then fed his body to the big cats in her sanctuary.

Lewis went missing in 1997, supposedly handing over control of Big Cat Rescue to his wife shortly before, despite also having a restraining order against her. His van was found at an airport, but otherwise he seemed to completely vanish into thin air. Police have never found any conclusive evidence that he is dead or alive.

Social distancing unfortunately means we are coming into contact with fewer people than ever to ask what they thought of the whole thing. Luckily, Scott came up with an inventive solution.

“Getting to know our delivery guys,” he wrote on Twitter alongside a photo of his front door.

He requested parcels be placed under the “Yes” or “No” signs which sit below the question: “Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?”

Sure enough, the photo shows three parcels in the “Yes” pile.

The post has been liked over 400,000 times, and many “Tiger King” fans replied with memes. One photo of Tony the Tiger is captioned “Carole’s husband tasted GRRREAT!”

Scott then repurposed the photo to turn it into a new meme itself with questions like “Should you wash your hands?”

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