A man was arrested for threatening to shoot 'Pokémon GO' players

With the sudden spike in interest over “Pokémon GO” comes the sudden spike of backlash.

Your Facebook feed is assuredly populated by the same, “UGH POKEMON” that ours are. But while airing grievances is one thing, one man in Texas took things many steps further in threatening to “purge” players over the weekend using “modified” paintball guns.

Pokemon GO threatFacebookKotaku captured a screenshot of the message that was seemingly removed.

The author of this post — 29-year-old Nathan Garcia Cerda, a resident of Palmview, Texas — is now in jail.

Cerda was arrested on Saturday, July 16, by the Harlingen Police Department.

“Due to the credibility of the threat and in the interest of public safety, the Harlingen Police Department, in partnership with the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, initiated a criminal investigation on Cerda which resulted in the issuance of a felony warrant for Terroristic Threat,” the Harlingen Police Department said in a statement.

Cerda was taken in the same day, and is currently awaiting a hearing.

Also on Saturday, July 16, a man in Florida fired several shots at two teens who were playing “Pokémon GO” in a car in front of his house. No one was hurt.

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