A man has been arrested over the suspicious packages delivered to US and UK consulates in Australia


  • A 48-year-old man from the Victorian town of Shepparton has been arrested after an investigation into suspicious packages delivered to consulates of a range of nations in Australia, including those of the US and UK.
  • It’s alleged the man sent 38 parcels in total. Only 29 have been recovered so far.
  • The substance inside the packages is currently being tested.

A man has been arrested after suspicious parcels were delivered to US and UK Consulates in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Victoria Police arrested the 48-year-old man at his home in Shepparton last night.

He was charged and is scheduled to appear before Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning.

The maximum penalty for his offence is 10 years imprisonment.

It will be alleged in court that the man sent 38 parcels to the consulates and embassies, with a substance suspected to have been sourced from his home.

Preliminary, unverified reports said the packages contained the words “asbestos” and “wear a mask,” according to News.com.au.

Police have so far recovered 29 of these packages and have put processes in place to recover the outstanding packages.

Meanwhile, forensic testing is currently underway to determine the exact composition of the substance.

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