How A Man And His Dog Were Rescued After Falling Down A Mountain

On Monday, 68-year-old Alan Rosenfeld was hiking on Oregon’s Mount Hood with his golden retriever, Ranger, when the dog took a wrong turn and fell over the side, reports.

Ranger tumbled about 40 feet down a steep slope and couldn’t get back up. Rosenfeld tried to rescue his 4-year-old golden, but ended up getting stuck himself. Before going down to help his pet, Rosenfeld told another hiker to call 911. 

Rescue workers discovered the pair, stranded on a 45 to 50 degree slope, at around 7:45 pm.


Photo: AP

The team used pulleys to get Rosenfeld and his dog out of the canyon and back on the trail. 


Photo: AP

Rosenfeld and Ranger were not injured and walked the three miles back to Timberline Lodge.  


Photo: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Here’s video from the AP

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