AXA Financial Advisor Sues JetBlue After Officials Checked If She Was Wearing Panties

malinda knowlesMalinda Knowles before she boarded a JetBlue flight for Florida

Photo: Courtesy of Malinda Knowles

AXA financial advisor and former fashion model Malinda Knowles claims in a lawsuit she was publicly embarrassed on a JetBlue flight last summer.Knowles, 27, was wearing a baggy t-shirt over short denim shorts when she arrived at the terminal, according to the Daily News.

A JetBlue supervisor allegedly said to her “I don’t want to see your panties or anything but do you have any on?” She accuses the supervisor of poking under her t-shirt with his walkie-talkie.

“I didn’t want to show him anything. He wanted me to basically show him my crotch. I was completely humiliated. It was vulgar. It was macho. It was rude,” Knowles says.

Ultimately she was kicked off the plane for dress code violations.

Knowles is suing for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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