Malia Obama made her music video debut — and then she was cut out

  • Malia Obama made her first music video appearance for the New Dakotas’ song “Walking On Air.”
  • She doesn’t seem to be in the video anymore.
  • She originally appeared at the 1:40 mark in the video.
  • Now, that part in the video and song are skipped over.
  • When she appeared in the video, Obama lip synced, danced, and played the harmonica.
  • The video concept is easy to follow: The band has fired its lead singer and is looking for a replacement.
  • Obama was one of the hopefuls, but – spoiler alert – it doesn’t seem like she got the spot.
  • The video is cute and the song is so catchy that it might just get stuck in your head all weekend.
  • The Hill reported that all members of the band attend Harvard University, just as Obama does. How college!
  • Watch the full music video below.

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