If You’re Running A Magazine, It Pays To Be A Man

remnick wintour carter

Folio: released its 2011 editorial salary survey, and a few numbers jumped out to us.

The most dramatic: male editor-in-chiefs make an average of $99,300 compared with just $77,600 for their female counterparts.

The disparity is around $12K for editors/executive editors ($74,700 to $66,900) and almost $16K for those in the managing/senior editor category ($68,200 to $52,700).

Additionally, EICs working in the New York Area make $108,900 compared with the $85,900 average figure those outside NYC bring in. That’s even more dramatic for EEs and MEs, with a difference of almost $36K and $34K, respectively.

Not surprisingly, editors across the board who work at company’s with high revenue and publication’s that bring in more than $3M in revenue are significantly better paid than their peers.

The survey is based on 408 responses and has a 4.5% margin of error at a 95% confidence rate.