Malcolm Turnbull: Just because I’m following that anti-Abbott Instagram doesn’t mean I support it

Picture: Getty Images

An exasperated Malcolm Turnbull has said his decision to follow an Instagram account campaigning against Tony Abbott is just out of interest and doesn’t necessarily mean he supports the creators’ goals.

The former prime minister tweeted this morning that it was “obvious” that “following someone on Instagram or Twitter does not imply support”.

It was rather “simply that you are for whatever reason currently interested in seeing the followed person’s posts in your feed,” Turnbull, who was a successful barrister early in his career, wrote.

The discovery that Turnbull was following the Instagram account “Vote Tony Out” aggravated Liberal Party members and on Monday night the arch-conservative Roseville branch of the party passed a resolution by 16 votes to two that Turnbull should be kicked out of the party.

The “Vote Tony Out” movement is a grassroots campaign to try and enlist an independent to challenge Abbott in the seat of Warringah, which he has held since 1994.

Turnbull followed up by saying it was “equally obvious” that trying to stop people from reading certain things would only make them more determined to do so.