Malcolm Turnbull has culled the accounts he follows on Twitter -- here are the 26 he chose

Stefan Postles/ Getty ImagesMalcolm Turnbull

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken an axe to the list of accounts he follows on Twitter.

Only 26 have survived the cut, and of those only 17 are people — mostly heads of state, political journalists and four family members.

He has 987,000 accounts following him.

Here’s a look at who remains:

Kelly O’Dwyer

@KellyODwyer ‏



Nine News Australia

@9NewsAUS ‏

Katharine Murphy

@murpharoo ‏

Yvonne Wang


Daisy Turnbull Brown

@MrsDzTB ‏

Peter van Onselen

@vanOnselenP ‏

Amir Husain


Craig Laundy

@LaundyCraigMP ‏

Lucy Turnbull

@LucyTurnbullGSC ‏

Edouard Philippe

@EPhilippePM ‏

7 News Sydney


Guardian Australia

@GuardianAus ‏

Reuters Top News

@Reuters ‏

CNN Breaking News


Alex Turnbull

@alexbhturnbull ‏

Emmanuel Macron

@EmmanuelMacron ‏

Donald J. Trump

@realDonaldTrump ‏‏

David Crowe

@CroweDM ‏

Washington Post


The Sydney Morning Herald

@smh ‏

Chris Uhlmann

@CUhlmann ‏

The New York Times


James Brown

@captainbrown ‏


@GhostWhoVotes ‏

Annabel Crabb

@annabelcrabb ‏

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