Malcolm Turnbull just had difficulty explaining what ‘Australian values’ means

Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Getty Images / File.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and immigration minister Peter Dutton just announced that the citizenship test to become an Australian is getting a major overhaul.

“The process we have had has been fairly consistent over time,” said Turnbull at a press conference in Canberra this morning. “It has been an administrative process… it’s basically a civics test.

“What it doesn’t go to is the question of [Australian] values.”

When asked what these “Australian values” were, the prime minister could really only put it down to “mutual respect”.

“At the value heart of our success is mutual respect,” he said. “This is very important to Australian values.”

He highlighted that applicants needed to demonstrate a mutual respect of one another, of women and of children.

And that they need to work and send their children to school.

In summary, he explained: “We are not defined by race or culture… we are defined by commitment to political values.

“These fundamental values is what makes us Australian… and our citizenship process should reflect that.”

His comments have left some wondering what these apparent values are and how an applicant could demonstrate them in a multiple choice test.

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