Malcolm Turnbull is having a sly dig at speaker Bronwyn Bishop by tweeting his train trip to Geelong

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has combined two of his great passions over the last 24 hours – public transport and social media – to take a swipe at fellow Liberal and parliamentary speaker Bronwyn Bishop, currently under pressure to resign from the job over a growing expenses scandal that included a $5000 helicopter ride between Melbourne and Geelong.

He began yesterday with tram rides around Melbourne.

And once again stared down doubters in the media with photographic proof of his adventures

And he took on the trolls to extol the joys of public transport

This morning, he took the train to Geelong to meet the local member

And even had an encounter with Melbourne’s notoriously vigilant transport inspectors.

While Bishop refused to initially detail what she spent $5000 on, photos of her arrival by chopper emerged on Twitter, blowing her cover. Turnbull was happy to provide his own photo of his transport mode.

Assuming Turnbull travelled at peak hour on political business – he clearly spelled out to anyone who asked that he’s there to inspect the NBN – he’ll be able to bill taxpayers $11.80 for the trip.

The political capital from appearing frugal while his parliamentary rivals rally around the spendthrift speaker is priceless.

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