Malcolm Turnbull is expected to call for a double dissolution election today

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/ Getty Images.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to call for a double dissolution election today.

The PM is expected to pay Governor-General Peter Cosgrove a visit on Sunday afternoon where he will seek a double dissolution election for July 2.

He was spotted having brunch at Sydney Centennial Park this morning but has now flown to Canberra with a press conference expected later today.

Earlier this week, Turnbull said that he would confirm the election “before the 11th of May and it’ll be on the 2nd of July”.

The reports come amid news that Liberal staffer, Ananija Ananievski, resigned on Friday following allegations of branch stacking within the Victorian Liberal Party.

The allegations were centred on Menzies, which is the seat held by former defence minister Kevin Andrews, with pressure mounting on Andrews to quit.

According to a recent Seven-ReachTel poll, Labor and the Coalition are neck-and-neck ahead of a July 2 election with the two-party result at 50-50.

The announcement of a federal election will see to an eight-week long campaign before polling day on July 2.

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