Malcolm Turnbull has been deafeningly silent since news of the spill, the only one talking is his wife

Jim Furyk holds his hand to his ear listening to fans after the USA victory at Ryder Cup in 2008. Photo: Andrew Redington/ Getty.

With a spill for the Liberal Party leadership set for Tuesday, all eyes and ears are on Malcolm Turnbull, and what his next move will be.

Since the spill motion was proposed yesterday the Communications Minister hasn’t been heard from or revealed whether he would participate in a contest for the prime ministership.

Radio silence from Turnbull. Photo: Malclom Turnbull/ Facebook.

Despite his radio silence, his wife Lucy this morning approached the crowd of media parked outside his house.

Here’s what she had to say.

“Malcolm’s not going to come and out speak to you, so can I suggest you go and get on with the rest of your Saturdays and have a lovely weekend.”

Spill supporters, led by West Australian MPs Luke Simpkins and Don Randall, have named Turnbull as a potential candidate should there be a shuffle in leadership positions.

A 7News-ReachTEL poll taken on Thursday night asked 3502 people who they would support between a Tony Abbott-led and a Turnbull-led government.

Results showed a switch to Turnbull would put the Coalition in a clear election-winning lead against Labor, while an Abbott government would lose 45% to Labor’s 55%.

The Liberal Party has consistently trailed the Opposition since last year’s controversial federal budget.

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