Malaysian Transport Minister Will Travel To Australia To Join MH370 Talks

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai is expected to travel to Australia on August 19 to continue talks with Australian and Dutch officials about the MH370 search and recovery effort.

In a statement today, Lai said “The commitment of the governments involved in the search of MH370 has thus far never wavered and this will continue.”

This week the Australian government put Dutch company Fugro Survey Pty Ltd. in charge of the commercial contract for the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

The next phase of the search will start within a month and could take up to a year, says deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

The search is expected cost around $52 million a year and is already the most expensive airline recovery ever undertaken.

Talks between Truss and Lai will include how the two countries will share the search costs.

Australia has already reserved $90 million for the recovery mission.

It was also announced this week that Malaysia’s state investment fund will pay US$435.73 million to list Malaysian Airline System (MAS).

The privatisation of the airline follows the two devastating downings this year, which hurt the already struggling airline operation.

MH370 disappeared on 8 March, 2014, with 239 people on board, including six Australians.

In MH17 news, the SBS has reported Dutch forensic experts have identified 42 more victims from the wreckage bringing the total to 65 as the last of the investigators return from eastern Ukraine.

The Justice of ministry said of the 42 recently recovered victims half were Dutch and the other were of other nationalities.

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