Malaysian World Cup qualifier match stopped early after fans threw fireworks and flares onto field

Malaysia’s World Cup qualifying Asian Zone Group A match against Saudi Arabia was stopped early Wednesday after an eruption from Malaysian fans from the stands.

Trailing Saudia Arabia 2-1 in the 70th minute, Malaysian fans began shooting flares and fireworks onto the field.

A Saudi fan told Al Arabiya News that at least 200 Malaysian fans attacked a small group of Saudi fans, saying:

“Everything started at the beginning of the second half, when dozens of local supporters threw flares and fireworks toward us… Policemen gathered us in a specific location inside the stadium, then put us in buses and left the location.”

Al Arabiya News posted video of the attack, which shows players standing on the side of the field while police wait on the field as flares and smoke fill the air:

Photos from Reuters photographer Olivia Harris show the heavy amount of smoke filling up the field:

According to BBC, the incident could end up with Saudi Arabia taking a 3-0 victory, the Malaysian team could be fined, or the match could be ordered to be replayed in private, with no fans in attendance.

The Asian Football Federation said, “We are extremely disappointed with the events which took place and take such matters very seriously.”

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