Malaysian MPs are worried AirAsia's flight attendant uniforms are too sexy and may 'arouse passengers'

Malaysia-based low cost carrier AirAsia X former chief executive Azran Osman-Rani (C) smiles as he poses with the company’s cabin attendants after a news conference in Tokyo on August 23, 2013. Image: Getty Images.

  • Malaysian MPs have scrutinised budget airlines AirAsia and FireFly for the “revealing” uniforms of their flight attendants.
  • Senator Datuk Abdullah Mat Yasim said the uniforms were “eye-catching” and “can arouse passengers.”
  • Another senator said, “My wife is worried whenever I fly alone on Malindo or AirAsia.”

  • Malaysian budget airlines AirAsia and FireFly have come under scrutiny by two politicians from the country’s ruling party for dressing their stewardesses in uniforms that are deemed “too revealing”.

    Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Senator Datuk Abdullah Mat Yasim, a division chief of Umno, said that the fitted attire of the two airlines’ female flight attendants is “eye-catching” and “can arouse passengers,” especially young people, reported The New Straits Times.

    “The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) must really look into this,” he said when debating the MAVCOM (Amendment) Bill 2017.

    He was supported by Senator Datuk Megat Zulkarnian Omardin who suggested that there should be changes to the design.

    Datuk Megat, who is also the general-secretary of the Malaysian National Silat Federation, said: “My wife is worried whenever I fly alone on Malindo or AirAsia.”

    “This is a real hassle for me,” he added to laughter from other Parliament members.

    Air Asia flight attendants pose prior to the company’s new domestic service announcement at a press conference in Tokyo on May 30, 2012. Image: Getty Images.

    Without elaborating, Datuk Abdullah said that the flight attendant uniforms of Malaysian-Indonesian budget carrier Malinda Air are still acceptable as the “sensitive areas” are covered, despite their uniforms also being body-hugging.

    Mr Abdullah was praised by the assembly’s deputy president Abdul Halim Abd Samad for speaking out on the issue.

    He said: “This is a good topic that many people can relate to as they always take flights.”

    Last week, Senator Datuk Hanafi Mamat said that shariah-compliant uniforms for female flight attendants serving the country’s airline companies should be introduced to strengthen Malaysia’s image as a Muslim country during another Parliament sitting.

    He had said that tourists will get the wrong impression of Malaysia if flight attendants dressed “sexily and disrespectfully.”

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