Malaysia Airlines Has A Bone To Pick With The Lawyer Who Says Compensation For MH17 Victim’s Families Was An ‘Insult’

A man looks on at debris from the MH17 crash site. Photo: Getty Images

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has responded to claims by a US-based lawyer representing Australian victim’s families of the MH17 tragedy that compensation provided was an “insult”.

Last month, Jerry Skinner of LHD Lawyers told Australian media the eight Australian families he represents were insulted by the US$50,000 compensation offer by MAS.

In a statement to the media, the airline said Skinner “failed to understand, despite numerous communications, that the amount offered is an advance compensation payment meant to assist the immediate family members in meeting their economic needs.”

MAS said the families were “ill-advised” and this initial payment will not affect the their rights to claim full compensation at a later stage and it will be calculated as part of and offset against the final amount.

“The final compensation will be paid as soon as possible once the necessary legal formalities have been completed,” the airline said.

Flight MH17, which Prime Minister Tony Abbott says was “shot down by Russian-backed rebels”, crashed among farmlands in Eastern Ukraine on July 17.