Steven Avery isn't allowed to watch 'Making a Murderer'

Steven Avery making a murderer fox 5Netflix‘Making a Murderer’ subject Steven Avery.

Although “Making a Murderer” has created a national debate over his guilt or innocence, Steven Avery hasn’t even watched the Netflix series.

“Steven does not have access to the series,” “Making a Murderer” director Laura Ricciardi told reporters during Sunday’s Television Critics Association press tour. “He asked the warden and his social worker whether he would be able to see it, and his request was denied.”

In the month or so since the series premiered on Netflix, the directors say they have been unable to return to Wisconsin but they have spoken to Avery. Those calls could be used in future episodes if the filmmakers decide to follow up on the show’s first season.

“When we spoke to him recently, his focus was mainly on his case,” Ricciardi said. “At the time we last spoke with him, he was representing himself. He had recently lost a motion and was working on his own appeal of that motion.”

Things have changed a bit since that call. Currently, he has a new attorney and has filed a new appeal for another trial.

And even though he hasn’t been able to watch the series, he definitely knows that it has made an impact.

“He has the support of his family,” director Moira Demos said. “And I do think that he told us when we spoke to him and he’s been getting letters of support, so I think that gives him some emotional support as well.”

Avery is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Auto Trader magazine photographer Teresa Halbach. The investigation and trial are covered over 10 episodes of “Making a Murderer.”

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