'Making a Murderer' fans say this death certificate supports the theory that police framed Steven Avery

Steven avery making a murdererNetflixSteven Avery.

Newly surfaced evidence is being seen as more proof of a potential police conspiracy to frame “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery.

A death certificate for Teresa Halbach, which Business Insider confirmed is authentic with the Manitowoc County Register of Deeds, has been released to media as a result of the Freedom of Information Act.

Some news outlets and blogs are using it to support the theory of a police conspiracy to frame Avery, who was convicted for the murder of Halbach.

The theorists point to botched and incorrectly filled-out areas of the certificate as signs that the Manitowoc police department rushed the certificate in order to file murder charges against Avery. At the very least, it serves as an example of the messy investigation surrounding the Halbach murder case.

Here’s what the bloggers are pointing out:

1. There’s a “no” in response to “Body Found” (Box 5), yet there’s a “yes” under “Autopsy Performed” (Box 39).

2. For the immediate cause of death (Box 38a), “undetermined” is written in, and then crossed out.

3. Yet without Halbach’s remains and an undertimined cause of death, under manner of death (Box 22), “homicide” is written.

4. The certificate was issued on November 10. The bone fragments only arrived at the Calumet County Coroner on November 9. The remains weren’t officially confirmed until January 19.

Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, are currently each serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of Halbach. They have both appealed their convictions.

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