A former cop believes this notorious serial killer is behind the 'Making a Murderer' killing

Steven Avery making a murderer fox 5Netflix‘Making a Murderer’ subject Steven Avery.

Former police sergeant and cold-case expert John Cameron believes he knows who killed Teresa Halbach — and it isn’t “Making a Murderer” subject Steven Avery.

Cameron has a theory, as Uproxx reported, that an infamous serial killer named Edwards Wayne Edwards, who’s known to frame others for his murders, is behind the murder that’s at the center of the Netflix docuseries.

And there are certainly some interesting connections.

What would connect Edwards to the murder?

1. Edwards is known to find victims or people to frame who have been spotlighted in the media. He may have discovered Avery through any of many stories on TV and other media when he was first exonerated for the brutal assault of a local female while she was jogging.

2. It’s believed that Edwards is connected to many, many unsolved murder cases. Edwards’ blog posts and letters to police, family of victims, and the press have led many to believe he’s guilty of murders he was never tried for. (Investigators have long suspected Edwards may be involved in the Zodiac slayings.)

3. Edwards liked to kill on Halloween. Halbach disappeared on that day in 2005.

4. Edwards had killed in Wisconsin before. In 1980, he killed Wisconsin couple Tim Hack and Kelly Drew. The crime would be called the “sweetheart murders.” And it’s believed he was an hour away from where Avery lived at the time of Halbach’s murder.

5. Edwards likes to attend his victims’ funerals and trials. He is believed to have been caught on HBO’s documentary about the West Memphis Three. And Cameron discovered the below shot during the sixth episode of “Making a Murderer,” with a man who looks like Edwards.


Edward wayne edwards making a murdererNETFLIX / MONTANA CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTEIs that Edwards standing behind prosecutor Ken Kratz?

Cameron spent some time in Wisconsin to try and identify the man, but was unable to do so.

Edwards died in 2011 while serving time in Ohio.

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