The internet is in love with Dean Strang, the lawyer from 'Making a Murderer'

Dean Strang was one of the lawyers who represented Steven Avery during the 2007 trial over the murder of Teresa Halbach. The trial was covered in the hit Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.”

With the show’s rising popularity, Strang has found some unexpected internet celebrity, with people sending him love letters on Twitter.

There’s good reason for all the love.

In “Making a Murderer,” Strang comes off as the smartest guy in the room, eloquently stating why he believes that Avery is innocent. He also shows a great deal of compassion for his clients, especially the Avery family.

When asked about the recent, unexpected fame, he gave a great response.

“My wife finds this very, very hard to believe. I mean, very hard to believe,” Strang told Michelle Li.

Story by Ian Phillips and editing by Carl Mueller

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