'Making a Murderer' directors address abuse allegations by Steven Avery's ex-fiancee

Making a murderer film makersNetflixThe filmmakers and Jodi Stachowski while shooting ‘Making a Murderer.’

The filmmakers behind Netflix’s popular “Making a Murderer” docuseries addressed recent allegations from Steven Avery’s ex-fiancee that he abused her during their relationship and why that wasn’t included on the show.

An ardent supporter of Avery’s on “Making a Murder,” Stachowski now says that she believes her former fiance is guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach, an Auto Trader magazine photographer last seen alive on the Avery property.

Reporters wondered why that information wasn’t included in the documentary.

“I can’t say why Jodi [Stachowski] is saying what she’s saying,” director Laura Ricciardi said during Sunday’s Television Critics Association Press Tour. “When we filmed with her, that’s what she was saying to us. It was an accurate feeling at the time.”

Having no knowledge of the accusations during filming, the directors claimed, they defended themselves against portraying Avery as soft.

“We showed Steven, warts and all.” Ricciardi said “Just because someone comes forward with a narrative doesn’t make it accurate, doesn’t make it true.”

The filmmakers made it clear that they went into the project more than a decade ago with the desire to examine the American judicial system.

“We chose [Avery] because of his unique status of being failed by the system in 1985 and for 18 years after that. We were looking at how someone like him could find himself arrested for a new crime,” Moira Demos explained.

On whether they believe that Avery is innocent, Ricciardi said, “T
here are so many questions on the reliability of this prosecution that you have to doubt the resulting decisions.”

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