Maker's Mark Is Lowering The Alcohol Content In Its Bourbon

maker's mark cocktail

Photo: jcarbaugh on Flickr

Apparently, there isn’t enough Maker’s Mark bourbon to go around. The company’s distillery is lowering the amount of alcohol in the liquor to meet high demand, reports the New York Post. 

Company executives sent an email to clients explaining the change, Pedro Oliveira Jr. reported. 

Maker’s Mark is currently distilled to 45 per cent alcohol by volume, or 90 proof. After the change, the alcoholic content will go down to 42 per cent alcohol by volume, or 84 proof. 

“Fact is, demand for our bourbon is exceeding our ability to make it, which means we’re running very low on supply,” executives said in the email reported by the Post. It’s not clear when the change will happen. 

A New York bartender told The Post that the change was unacceptable. 

“Usually you’re going to notice that,” bartender Erik Lane told the Post. “If I started putting a half shot of water in the bottom of everyone’s beer just to make the keg last longer they’d notice.”

It’s been a tough week for whiskey drinkers. 

A nefarious surcharge for drinking whiskey “neat” also came to our attention. 

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