Check Out These Hilarious Models Of Stephen Colbert's Head His Fans Made With A 3D Printer


Photo: MakerBot

Bre Pettis is CEO and co-founder of MakerBot Industries, a Brooklyn startup that makes affordable consumer-grade 3D printers.When Pettis appeared on The Colbert Report last night, he showed a few wacky 3D remixes of Colbert’s head, such as the eagle to the right. He put a high-quality 3D scan of Colbert online for free, and people have begun altering it for everything from fun to functional.

These models come from Thingiverse, MakerBot’s online repository for objects to print using a 3D printer.

Here are our favourites, as well as a video of Pettis’s appearance.

Here's the unaltered 3D model

The Colpitol

Colbert's head on a pig's body

A majestic eagle perched on top of the Capitol

Colbert coffee mug

Colbert cuff links

The Colbert bunny


Colbert trapped in carbonite

Statue of Colberty

Talking Colbert puppet

A peculiar statue of Colbert's head attached to a body

A Colbert cookie cutter

Here's the full video of Bre Pettis on The Colbert Report

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