Makerbot May Or May Not Be Getting Acquired, And It May Or May Not Be Raising At A $300 Million Valuation

bre pettis makerbot

Something big is happening at Makerbot, the Wall Street Journal just isn’t sure what.

Spencer Ante reports that potential acquirers expressed interest in the 3D printing company while it was in talks to raise a new round of financing at a $300 million valuation. He’s not sure if the company is more likely to get purchased or to go through with the funding. He also isn’t sure which companies are interested in Makerbot. But either way, something big is up.

Acquisition talks during a giant fundraise are normal. Instagram was acquired just after its $50 million round of financing closed, because Kevin Systrom informed both Twitter and Facebook about the infusion of cash. Foursquare received buyout offers from Yahoo and Facebook when it raised a $50 million round a couple years ago.

Makerbot declined to comment on the rumour. We’ve reached out to multiple sources to try and firm up Ante’s report as well.

Last year, Makerbot generated $10 million and it’s expected to generate at least $50 million this year. Ante says Makerbot was initially looking to raise $25 million.

“The company suddenly backed away from discussions with venture investors as the talks with suitors heated up,” he writes.