Make More Stuff, And Make It Thinner

Every fall, Apple holds a big event to show off its holiday lineup of gadgets. This year, it held two big events. That pretty much sums up the most important thing about Apple in 2012. The company has long been obsessively focused on making a few devices really well. Now it’s making a lot more than a few devices.

Before CEO Tim Cook took the stage in San Jose, Calif., this morning, he had already given the world a whole bunch of new stuff in 2012: a new iPhone, a passel of iPods, an iPad with a high-definition display, and a 15-inch MacBook Pro with an even better display. Everyone guessed Cook would unveil a smaller iPad this morning, and they were right. But in addition to the iPad mini, there was also a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a high-def screen and a stunning new iMac desktop computer that’s almost comically thin.

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