Here's a quick way to turn your favourite photos into one-of-a-kind emoji art

Take your emoji obsession to new heights with this website that makes it easy to turn your favourite photos into an emoji mosaic.

Engineered by New York Times web developer Eric Andrew Lewis, the website will render any image into piece of emoji artwork, the Observer reported.

Here’s a typical photo of the Statue Liberty.

And here’s the emoji mosaic version.

Here’s how to make your own emoji mosaic:

First, make sure the image you want to use is saved on your computer. Then click here to head over the Emoji Mosaic website where it will prompt you to choose a .jpg file to emoji-fy. When you’ve made your decision, click “open.”

As the website warns, it might take a few minutes to create your masterpiece. But when it’s finished, the image will automatically appear on your screen and you can save it as you would any other image.

Here’s the emoji version of the Tech Insider logo:

In case you need more inspiration, here’s a few more photos made even better by Emoji Mosaic.

Here’s the iconic poster shot from “Jaws.”

And the Golden Gate bridge.

And Marilyn Monroe, practically a twin of the “red dress emoji,” sans the red dress.

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