Make A Good Last Impression

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed great customer service in three stores I do business with.

At the AT&T phone stores the sales people were walking their customers to the front door and thanking them for their purchase.

A manager at InMotion Entertainment, the cool consumer electronics stores in airports throughout the United States, does something very similar. After placing the merchandise in the bag, he (and the rest of his associates) walk around the counter to hand the customer their merchandise and shake their hand while thanking them for their business.

At Micro centre, a chain of computer stores, the employees carry the customer’s merchandise to the check out area and introduce the customer to one of the managers. The manager thanks the customer and gives the customer a business card, letting the customer know to call if there are any problems. By the way, I also received a thank you note from the manager after purchasing a new computer from them.

I’ve always talked about managing first impressions. It’s not just the first time you meet someone. It could be the 100th or 1,000th time. You set the tone for the interaction that is to follow. But what about the last impression? How are your customers “exited” from the interactions they have with you. How is your “good-bye?” Bottom line, how do you manage the customer’s last impression of you? Manage it well and it is more than a last impression. It is a lasting impression.

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